July 13, 2017

Civil Discourse #01 - Casuals, Gatekeeping & Full Frontal Discourse

Show Notes

Becka (@tainkirrahe) is joined by Erica (@transsoundwave), Umar (@speed_freak01), Stuart (@inflatabledalek) and Dennis (@tformer90) to discuss why gatekeeping occurs in fandom, the concept of ‘casual’ fans, and the approach of curation vs creation in our favourite hobbies.

We cover fandoms such as TransformersStar TrekDoctor WhoKamen Rider and Sherlock.


Each episode we ask our hosts and guests to recommend something to our listeners! This week:

  • Stuart recommends The Man With The Golden Typewriter, edited by Fergus Fleming – Twitter before there was Twitter!
  • Umar recommends Carpe DM, an adorable DND podcast!
  • Dennis recommends Kino’s Journey, an anime about a road trip for self discovery with a talking motorcycle!
  • Erica recommends checking out Umar’s incredible digibash commissions to help raise funds for TF Nation! You can also donate to his Ko-Fi page.
  • Finally Becka recommends the a capella band Sons of Pitches, particularly her favourite song from their first non-cover studio album Utopia!

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